Technical solution for Automatic Medical Mask Forming machine with Ear Loops Spot Welder

    A Medical mask Forming machine machine: this machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is more environmentally friendly. To produce double-layer and three-layer masks, two employees are needed to operating, one employee needs to fine-adjust the equipment, and one employee needs to receive materials. This equipment has the characteristics of good stability and high yield. Six spot welders are needed for one sheet breaker.


  I. technical parameters:

  Equipment model: xe-kzj-1

  Output: 150-160 tablets/min

  Voltage: 220v 50HZ

  Floor area: 3500mm*1100mm*2000mm

  Mask size (normal) : 175*95mm

  Power: 3.5 KW

  Total weight of equipment: 500KG

  Ii. Raw materials required

  1. Melt-blown fabric

  Size: 175mm in width

  Weight: 20 g

  2. Non-woven fabric

  Size: 175mm in width

  Weight: 20 g

  3. Non-woven fabric

  Size: width 195mm

  Weight: 25 g

  4. Article the bridge of the nose.

  Width: 3 mm

  Thickness: 1 mm

  Length: 95 mm

  Iii. Equipment configuration


         1.Material rack                    2.Bridge of the nose feeding device



         3.Cutter device                    4.Feeding roller device


  5.Ultrasound 20K 2600W


    B spot welding machine: this machine USES ultrasonic wave to fuse the banding tape to both sides of the mask body, and then completes the finished product of the banding mask. It only needs an operator to put the mask sheet on the head where the ultrasonic wave occurs, and then put the banding tape on the mask sheet. The pedal makes the cylinder move downward to sew the banding tape and mask sheet.



  I. Technical parameters:

  Appearance size (mm) :1200×550×1100

  Power supply configuration (v): 220 V

  Installed capacity 2000 W output (PCS /min) :12-20

  Machine weight : 15 KGS

  Ii. Raw materials required

  1.Ear loops

  Width: 2.5 mm

  Length: 200 mm

  Iii. Equipment configuration

  1. Ultrasonic wave 20K 2600W

  2. Spot welding device






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