Trend analysis of domestic transformer industry

In recent years, the power supply of electronic transformers used in the core data and the price of conductive materials continued to decline, the upstream raw materials caused by the seller's market. As a power electronic transformer in the upper reaches of the user, and can choose to sell in the global scale, resulting in a buyer's market. The electronic transformer industry in the middle position, as long as go road renovation skills, ability to shake off the dilemma of both sides. However, in the mature electronic transformer industry, the difficulty of the renovation of the difficult. But every tiny part of the improvement, it will be able to bring new ideas and new products.
Take the road to the road of innovation, always remember to reach the goal. Power in the electronic transformer, like all products as a commodity for any technical renovation, are required in the detailed use of the conditions to achieve detailed functions, to seek the best performance price ratio. Today's power supply products, widely to the "light, thin, short, small" as the characteristics of the miniaturization and portability. Electronic transformers must be adapted to the volume and weight of the product as the user's power supply. At the same time, the electronic transformer's raw material (core data and conductive material) prices fell. Therefore, how to reduce the volume and weight, how to land capital, has become an important direction in the complex electronic transformer.
Silicon steel is the core data of the electronic transformer in the power supply. To increase the amount of iron core in the electronic transformer, the task of the silicon steel is required to improve the magnetic flux density (magnetic flux density). The task of silicon steel is not only the choice of the saturation magnetic flux density, but also the choice of the loss. Because the effect is an important performance index of the electronic transformer, now, in order to save energy, many power supply products are put forward the standby loss request. The core loss of the electronic transformer is an important part of the standby loss. Therefore, the strict request of the power transformer is put forward.
In recent years, orientation and non oriented cold-rolled silicon steel prices, winding toroidal core, compared to R type, type of CD and EI type core, because of the lack of consumption data to thrift by more than 20% of core data on the laurels, the expansion of electronic transformer in the use of the scale. Winding type ring core can be fully display the performance of cold rolled silicon steel, compared with the non oriented cold rolled steel, the magnetic flux is much higher. At the same time, unlike the R, CD and EI type of iron core, can be sufficient to use silicon steel material, there will be no side corner waste, data application rate can reach more than 98%.
As a large class of electronic transformers, power transformers, to take the core of the high core data, can not increase the core section and volume, but to increase the number of coil turns, to increase the amount of copper. Now in the copper price is far higher than the core data conditions, can be a better design improvement plan.
Soft ferrite is the core material of the electronic transformer in the medium and high frequency power supply. Compared with the soft magnetic material of the metal, the saturation magnetic density of soft ferrite is low, the magnetic permeability is low, the Curie temperature is low. In particular, the Curie temperature is low, the saturation of the magnetic density Bs and the unit volume power loss Pcv will be changed with temperature. Temperature picks up, Bs drops, Pcv begins to land, to the valley after the point is reduced. And under low temperature conditions, as long as the BS to maintain a high degree can the task magnetic dense BM was higher, so as to increase the number of turns of the coil, landing with a copper content and rest on our laurels. Low temperature and high saturation magnetic flux of soft ferrite materials, but also to expand the use of electronic transformers temperature limit to 120 or even 150.
For example, the high frequency electronic transformer in automotive electronic equipment, in the condition of high temperature and the low temperature condition of launching machine room, must adopt low temperature and high saturation magnetic flux. Soft magnetic composite material (SMC) is in the 1990s development into new soft magnetic materials, the departure point to the metal soft magnetic materials task frequency to MHz and GHz level expanding. As a result, the metal soft magnetic materials and other high resistance materials, such as quartz, ceramic, polymer materials such as composite together, as long as the master of the volume fraction of the metal soft magnetic materials in the percolation below the limit, it is able to maintain a soft magnetic behavior, and add a variety of high frequency loss, become a kind of new soft magnetic materials -- soft magnetic composite materials, to take the English title of the first letter, Jane said SMC data.
Soft magnetic composite materials in magnetic particle is pure iron, nickel, cobalt, nickel iron alloy, nickel molybdenum iron alloy, iron and aluminum alloy, Fe - based amorphous alloys, Fe based nanocrystalline alloy and soft magnetic ferrite after pulverization made of powder.
Non magnetic objects can be silicon dioxide and other insulators, silicone resin, polyethylene, epoxy resin and other polymer materials for adhesives and stearic acid, etc.. Magnetic particles and non magnetic objects, after the hybrid, can be resolved through the insulation, suppression of forming, sintering and other processes into magnetic powder core, but also to take today's plastic engineering skills, injection molding into a variety of complex shapes of the magnetic core. Soft magnetic composite material strength is low density, light weight, low cost, high consumption effect, good product consistency. The flaw is because the magnetic particles are separated by non magnetic object, magnetic block, the magnetic permeability is now within 100, the most recent report by nano technology and the other way, has been opened to recover the magnetic permeability of the soft magnetic composite material over 6000. Polymer soft magnetic composite materials have been developed in recent years, and it has been used in foreign countries to produce high frequency power transformers and inductors. 

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