Do you know the composition of the automatic cross shearing machine for silicon steel sheets?

The silicon steel sheet automatic transverse shearing machine is frequently used in production. It can freely adjust the shearing speed and shearing depth of the shearing machine. The CNC horizontal shearing machine produced by the new design theme will definitely bring positive application effects to the cutting of silicon steel sheets and steel strips in the electronics, electrical appliances, and motor industries. Then do you know how it is composed, the following small series will take a family to discuss it together.
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The process of the automatic cross-cutting machine for silicon steel sheets: release the coil material, feed it to a fixed length by a servo motor, cut it into various sheet shapes that meet the requirements of the drawings through various shearing and punching tools, and then go through the conveying device to make it neat and tidy Stack them on the workbench to complete the sheet processing.
The equipment composition of automatic cross shearing machine for silicon steel sheet: 1. Frequency conversion uncoiler; 2. Buffer zone; 3. Orbit positioning mechanism, 4 AC servo feeding mechanism; 5. Gantry hydraulic device; 6. Material arrangement mechanism; 7. Control system
(1) Computer industrial computer: Delta pic host points 20, 4k step memory, 30khz expressway count.
Touch screen: 5.7 low-brightness fstnlcd display 8 gray-scale blue, the operator can skillfully complete operations such as the number of pieces, length, speed, and other parameters correction by touching.
(2) Feeding system: The rollers are made of high-hardness abrasive steel, and the bearing positions of the rollers are made of CNC wire cutting and refined. With the addition of optical couplings, Delta's 100,000 coarse-point servo motors make the machining accuracy of the machined products as low as ± Within 0.02mm, the professional module realizes low-precision fixed-length feeding and low feeding speed of 100m/min,
(3) Abrasive tool system: This machine uses a fine-blanking die abrasive tool holder to ensure the precision requirements of the die. The mold is made of high-hardness alloy steel imported from Germany. The number of times of grinding and punching is as low as more than 5 million times, and the shearing speed and shearing depth of the shearing machine can be adjusted.
(4) Hydraulic system: The high-speed stamping system independently developed by our engineers for 3 years. The low punching frequency of this machine is as low as 140 times per minute, and the pressure is never reduced, and the stability is never reduced. The cutter can move with both sides of the blade holder.
(5) Material rack: This machine has a new material arrangement function, and the stack thickness can be output quantitatively, which makes the machine more labor-saving and easier to operate.
(6) Set the feeding length. The computer industrial computer is connected to the servo motor through the motor driver to perform the feeding action. After the feeding is completed, the computer industrial computer operates the hydraulic system to push the cutter to cut. After cutting to the set amount, the machine pauses, and the conveyor belt feeds the material. After the upper cutter of the utility model is driven by the stepping motor, the positioning of the upper cutter is accurate, the starting torque of the servo motor is small, and the shearing speed and the shearing depth of the shearing machine can be adjusted freely. The computerized industrial computer in the cutting body is accurately controlled and works stably and credibly. The silicon steel sheet automatic cross-cutting machine made according to the design theme of the present utility model will inevitably stress the silicon steel sheet and steel strip in the electronics, electrical appliances, and motor industries. Bring strong use effect.

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