Process introduction of slitting line

Since the slitting line generally retains the function of rewinding all the raw materials after slitting, compared with the horizontal shearing line, the slitting line generally has a width of 1000-1250mm, a thickness of 0.2-0.5mm, and a sheet strength σs <300MPa, load-bearing capacity is under 5 tons, production speed is about 80-120m/min, unwinding and unwinding adopt hydraulic or pneumatic auxiliary equipment.

Slitting line

Slitting  line is also called slitting unit, slitting machine, slitting machine and scissors. It is mainly used for coil slitting of tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold-rolled strip steel, stainless steel strip, aluminum strip, thin steel strip, etc. Cut. It is to cut the metal coil into strips of various widths required, and then collect the strip into small coils for the next process. It is the necessary equipment for precision cutting of the transformer, motor industry and other metal strips.


01  Kinds of slitting line

1. According to the material slitting plate thickness, it is divided into thin plate slitting line (processing thickness 0.1-3.0mm), thick plate slitting line (processing thickness 3.0-6.0Mm).
2. According to the metal material of slitting, it can be divided into copper strip slitting line, stainless steel slitting line, cold plate slitting line, silicon steel slitting line, tinplate slitting line.
3. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic slitting line and semi-automatic slitting line.

02  Applicable industry of slitting line

Mainly suitable for transformers, motors, home appliances, automobiles, building materials, packaging industries, etc.

03  Slitting line process

1. Technological process: Unwinding → Unwinding → Leading → Clamping and roughening → Cutting head → Scrap collection → Swing bridge → Deviation correction feeding → Slitting → Scrap coiling → Swing bridge → Tension station → Rewinding → Unloading
The production process flow of slitting machine is feeding trolley-uncoiler-feeding device-clamping rough leveling machine-full head shearing machine-left and right scrap collection-1# swing bridge-correction feeding device-slitting machine- Waste edge winder-feeding frame-2# swing bridge-pre-feeding device-tensioner-feeding device-winding shearing machine-steering roller-rear axle-winder-discharging trolley-hydraulic system-electric system.

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